Flag Shop Home to More Than Just Flags

flag shop          The Flag Shop on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH), Virginia has a presence at every mission the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) performs.

Every sovereign nation’s flag has a residence in the JBM-HH Flag shop, said Spc. John C. Mulloy, who works in the flag shop.

“The White House, State Department, and Pentagon will all call us for AR 40-10, flag, streamers and guidon regulations,” said Mulloy. “We’ll answer them to the best of our ability, we are the subject matter experts when it comes to that.”

In addition to flags of nations, the Flag Shop also has the colors of every state and territory, military branch and senior executives from the Sergeant Major of the Army all the way up to President of the United States, said Mulloy.

Country flags are organized in alphabetical order, whereas states are organized by the order in which they entered the union, said Mulloy.

The Flag Shop also maintains uniforms from almost every conflict and era. In flag shop-3flag shop-2addition to uniforms from every era and conflict is a $250k International Space Station (ISS) astronaut suit.

Like many of the uniforms, the ISS astronaut suit was donated, said Mulloy.

“We are the sole people who provide uniforms for Spirit of America, Twilight Tattoo and this years America’s Army,” said Mulloy.

The Flag shop will receive an order from the battalion’s operations and training officer (S3) outlying what equipment is necessary for the mission.

Depending on what the equipment is they’ll either send a few guys or a platoon to come draw it, said Mulloy.

Missions that do not require uniforms or flags are still impacted by the Flag Shop.

“We support all new Soldiers with their initial brass,” said Mulloy. “Typically a new Soldier will get anywhere from $45 to $150 worth of brass from us.”

Accouterments ranging from Special Forces tabs to Air Assault wings are made available to Soldiers.


To keep up with the large amount of incoming Soldiers being assigned to The Old Guard for the pending Presidential inauguration, $32,997 was ordered said Spc. Brendan Murphy, another Soldier that works in the Flag Shop.

flag shop-7            About a million and a half dollars in flags, a couple hundred thousand dollars in brass, streamers at $86 a piece and even stanchions that run $250 a piece, mean the Flag Shop houses about $2 million in equipment, said Mulloy.

Without the Flag Shop, The Old Guard would have a difficult time achieving its mission and representing the U.S. Army to the nation and the world.

“Our main day to day is ceremonial missions throughout the National Capital Region,” said Mulloy. “With flags, chairs, stand-staffs, a little bit of everything, that helps makes this a little bit easier for everyone up the line.”


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