FDC Welcomes Newest Bugler

FDCThe 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment’s Fife and Drum Corps (FDC) held auditions March 30-31st to fill a Bugle player vacancy.

Charlotte F. Olson, originally from Haddonfield, NJ, was selected as the newest Bugle player.

Olson said she saw the FDC while they were in Boston for a performance of “Spirit of America” and was impressed by how FDC not only sounded but how they looked.

Finishing up her doctorate degree in Trumpet Performance at Boston University, Olson has a Master’s degree in Trumpet performance from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree in Trumpet and musical education from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.

Day one of the audition begins with a marching assessment and a 30-minute standing proficiency that tests the candidate’s ability and adaptability.

Marching will be Olson’s biggest challenge, she said.

Day two of the audition requires playing both memorized and provided musical selections, and playing with a section.

Currently Olson teaches elementary school children.

Olson found out she was selected the day before her 27th birthday.

“This is the best birthday present,” she said.



(left to right) Chief Warrant Officer 3 Joseph Newby, Master Sgt. Sandra Quaschnick, Master Sgt. Patrick Richard, Ms. Charlotte Olson, Master Sgt. Russell Smith, Sgt. 1st Class James Monroe.

“I’m really, really excited,” said Olson. “This is something I’ve been working for since August. I’ve been working for this many, many months and I’m glad I put all the time in.”


The next step for Olson will be completing Basic Combat Training.

“I think it’ll be an interesting experience that will be good for me,” said Olson. “To really be forced to push through something that I anticipate will be strenuous.”

The position requires the exclusive use of a single valve, B-flat “Kanstul“ Bugle.

In addition to performing with the corps, buglers provide support for military funerals.

The Fife and Drum Corps is comprised of 70 musicians whose main duty is the ceremonial support of military functions within the National Capital region. Ceremonial duties are largely conducted outdoors and involve prolonged periods of standing and marching.

“I love playing the Trumpet, the bugle. I really like being in shape and being active,” said Olson. “I think this is a great combination of the two.”


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