Army ceremonial units bring pomp, precision to Super Bowl 50

24885998285_98540867bd_zSoldiers from the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) participated in a Joint Armed Forces Color Guard, presenting the Colors at Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium, February 7, 2016, in Santa Clara, California.

In addition, the Joint Armed Service Choir performed followed by the singing of the 24259171423_bd902b391e_zNational Anthem by Lady Gaga.

United States Navy Blue Angels performed a flyover concluding the opening ceremony.
The Joint Armed Forces Color Guard included Sergeant 1st Class Thomas C. Dell’Omo, United States Army Band, Specialist Walter L. Hardin III, United States Army, Staff Sergeant Marco A. Moreno Jr., United States Army, Specialist Colin Z. Mantha, United States Army, Sergeant Allen J. Banks Jr., United States Marine Corps, Seaman Jason D. Davis, United States Navy, Senior Airman Dalton R. Homme, United States Air Force, Seaman Brett J. Lanzel ,United States Coast Guard, Lance Corporal Zachariah, T. Fredericksen, United States Marine Corps, Sergeant 1st Class C. Michael Hooke, United States Army Band.

24859761396_0b0fa2ec40_zDell’Omo and Hooke played snare drums at the conclusion of the National Anthem. Lady Gaga added the drums to her performance in rehearsals.

“She wanted the ending to be more intense,” said Hooke. “To have more energy.”

“She also wanted it to be more inclusive,” said Dell’Omo. “She said ‘I just want to include everyone. I feel like this will ramp it up to one big climatic ending’”

“I always appreciate when these opportunities come up,” said Dell’Omo. “For Mike and I, it is a good time for us to hone the craft that we do in the band… Its meant to be marching troops.”

“Its one of my favorite things because when you are attached to the color guard,” said Hooke.

24768146562_f5e0bfe50e_zThis is the second Super Bowl Hooke and Dell’Omo have played their instruments in.

The first was at Met Life Stadium in New York in 2014.

The drums themselves are two of the four original Moeller Drums that Gus Moeller made for the Army Band in 1952.

One is on display at the Smithsonian, one in the Army Band’s display case, and lastly the two you saw today, said Hooke via a posting on social media.

The drums themselves have played in inaugural parades for several Presidents, as well as JFK’s funeral.


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