Ft. Myer’s Officer’s Club Home to a Classy Spot

There is a hidden gem on Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall Christmas stories-2where Soldiers can go to lunch and sit in an opulent setting.

And it isn’t the new Starbucks or Subway at the Post Exchange.

Located in the basement of the Ft. Myer Officer’s Club, The Old Guard Lounge is a bar that all pay grades can go for a meal and have a drink surrounded by ornate wooden moldings and furniture.

The lounge is set apart from a lunch counter where Soldiers can order grilled items and specials at lunch. The front room has a lavish wooden bar next to a dance floor. Adjacent to the dance floor is a back room with a large screen television, hundreds of books on a lightly colored bookcases and a mantel decorated for the holiday season complete with a fireplace.

In the back room a large round table top that encases rounds Christmas stories-3from a machine gun is designated “The Round Table” in a nearby plaque. The plaque says the Round Table has been the place for “meetings and a few libations”.

On Fridays, members of the Officer’s Club can attend a happy hour that features a raffle and free food. The sound of live piano music fills the air every Friday evening as members make their way to a buffet of finger foods and fruit trays.

Christmas stories-4Bill L. McCulloch, a retired Marine from Rhode Island, has been a member of the Ft. Myer Officer’s Club since 1975.

McCulloch spent 31 years in the military. He was in the Infantry and performed a secondary MOS of Public Affairs duties.

The happy hour includes dancing and drinks, and is only open to dues paying members, said MuCulloch.

Being a member of the Officer’s Club gives members access to a variety of social events.

Christmas stories-5“Its great to come (to the happy hour),” said MuColloch. “Saturday Night they have a nice dance. Veterans Day they had a big party. They have a lot of activities, happy hour is one.”

So for a quick bite, drink or social gathering, be sure to check out The Old Guard Lounge in the Ft. Myer Officer’s Club. The entrance is located on the right side of The Old Guard Club on the pool side, down the stairs.


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