Dining Facility Prepares for Holiday

DFAC-5            According to a Food Network Magazine article published in 2013, the average amount of guests at Thanksgiving is 12. The same article found the average amount of side dishes cooked along side a traditional roasted turkey is seven. Anyone that has ever prepared a Thanksgiving meal knows the immense amount of effort it takes to pull off a delicious turkey meal with all of the fixings. The amount of difficulty only rises when factoring in appetizers and dessert.

The Dining Facility on Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall is expected to serve more then 30 times the average amount of guests said Ssg. Toby L. Maratita, the rations NCOIC.

“Right now we are expecting a little bit more then we did last year,” said Maratita. “We’re trying to change up the menu, so they aren’t getting the same thing.”


Maratita said the mammoth undertaking begins on Saturday before the planned meal on Wednesday. Prep will begin with baking bread. All breads are made from scratch. Meats will also be prepped for marinade. On Sunday, fruits and vegetables will be sliced.

Monday and Tuesday are reserved for completing any tasks that couldn’t be completed over the weekend, said Maratita.

The menu will include (but is not limited to) the following:



10 lbs. of sliced pepperoni

30 lbs. of assorted cheeses

30 lbs. of crackers

40 lbs. of meatballs

50 lbs. of shrimp cocktail



430 lbs. of prime rib, accompanied by 15 gallons of au jus

DFAC-3-2150 lbs. of pork loin

325 lbs. of TurkeyDFAC-2-2



450 lbs. of redskin mashed potatoes

84 lbs. savory bread stuffing

15 gallons of brown gravy



450 desert bars

9 cases of pies

Assorted cakes made on site


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