MDW’s Best Warriors Close to Home

Military District of Washington’s Best Warrior Competition at Fort A.P. Hill in Bowling Green, Va was won by two outstanding soldiers that call Fort Myer Home.

Competitors at this year’s event came from as far away as Korea and Germany. Units from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, U.S. Army Air Operations Group, 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), and The United States Army Band, Pershing’s Own.

MDW’s Best Warrior lasted from August 24-28. The field was not made aware the subsequent array of events.

Day one began with a standard Army Physical Fitness test. From there candidates were challenged on grenade range and then a written test.

BWCFB-12Day two began well before dawn, with competitors completing a Land Navigation course at night followed by a day iteration. Competitors then were sent to a village modeled after something similarly seen in Afghanistan. To challenge their proficiency in battle drills, candidates were asked to provide tactical first aid and perform weapons maintenance among other tasks. The day ended with a briefing on how to board a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter. A surprise event with media interaction challenged candidates to answer a reporter’s probing questions.

Day three, candidates boarded the Blackhawk and were flown to the start point of a nine-mile ruck march in full body armor. The canidatesBWC26FLICKR-32 then had to qualify with their M-16/M-4 rifles, M9 pistols, and M240B and M249 machine guns.

A final test judged competitors based on them leading a block of instruction and a board comprised of Sergeant Majors.

Ultimately, Fort Myer’s Best Warriors bested the field by displaying determination and tenacity.


The best junior enlisted warrior is Pfc. David Saunders, of the 3d Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), Alpha Company.

The best NCO warrior is Staff Sgt. Kevin Simpson of the United States Army Band, Pershing’s Own.


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