TOG Blog – WO1 Brent Vestering – WOCS Honor Grad

WO1 Brent Vestering

WO1 Brent Vestering

I recently served for 15 months as the Regimental Legal NCOIC for The Old Guard.  During my tenure, I provided guidance and training to commanders, NCOs, and Soldiers concerning Military Justice and adverse administrative matters.  My team and I provided quality legal products and guidance that enabled leaders to resolve legal issues expeditiously while remaining focused on their respective missions.

I graduated from U.S. Army Warrant Officer Candidate School on 20 February 2014.  In recognition for my academic performance, I was recognized as an Honor Graduate.  This school is a rigorous five week course designed to train, assess, evaluate, and develop future Warrant Officers.  The course instructors trained, mentored, and advised myself and 60 other candidates as we served in various student leadership positions throughout the course.  My class represented 10 of the Army’s functional branches and all three components; Active Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve.

The course consisted of two Army Physical Fitness Test, a week long Field Leadership Exercise, Land Navigation, a Leadership Reaction Course, and a 6.2 mile Ruck March.  In addition, we received classroom instruction focusing on officership, Army values, ethics, military history, and other topics all of which were covered in five academic exams and a military brief.

The course established a foundation for my own development as a self-aware and adaptive leader.  It taught me to be resilient in times of difficulty and how to persevere in stressful situations.  Above all, this course reaffirmed what I knew 10 years ago when I entered the military; that I am but a humble servant to the people of the United States and to the Soldiers with whom I serve; and that I will serve in such a manner as to not bring discredit upon my country, my unit, or my family.

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