Soldier’s Blog: Pfc. Daniel Wright

TOG Blog

August 8, 2013

By PFC Daniel Wright


Hi, my name is PFC Daniel Wright. I was born in Richmond, Va, September 4th, 1995, into a large family of eight. When I was thirteen years old, my oldest brother, Timothy, joined the United States Marine Corps and went on to see several deployments overseas. My next to oldest brother, John, followed in my brother’s footsteps and also joined the USMC. My brothers’ decisions to join the Armed Forces got me thinking about also pursuing a military career. After many hours of thought and discussing it with my parents, I enlisted in the Army branch of service shortly after my seventeenth birthday.

After the completion of basic training and A.I.T (Advanced Infantry Training) at Fort Benning, Ga., I was chosen to be stationed here in The Old Guard located close to our Nation’s capital. The standards here are the highest and there is no tolerance for imperfection because we have the responsibility to bring honor to our fallen comrades who have given their lives to protect this great country and our freedom. We, The Old Guard, also represent the United States Army to our Nation and the world.

We undergo endless hours of training to perfect our uniforms, rifle maneuvers and our marching skills in order to prepare ourselves for every mission. We also do this to bring ourselves to the level of perfection that is required here. We learn to work as one unit; everyone in sync, dress right dress. This is not a very easy job to say the least, but at the end of the day, we can take great pride in the work we have accomplished. I am honored to call myself an Old Guard Soldier.


7 thoughts on “Soldier’s Blog: Pfc. Daniel Wright

  1. Megan Larson

    Good for you young man and thank you to our servicemen and women. I belonged to the church as a child and moved in my jr yr. Never thinking I would be on the base again. I married military and he was stationed ther! No one realizes the job you all do. Blessings to all of you always!

  2. David N. Hubbert 1SG (Ret)

    Having served several tours in The Old Guard I also am proud to have had the opportunity to serve there. (An Honor) Pfc Daniel Wright may God Bless you & the soldiers of The Old Guard.

  3. Dannie Knight sister of Daniel F. McCarthy. U.S. Army

    Your endless effort to bring respect to our fallen is not forgotten and unnoticed. As a sister to a General in the U.S. army who has been in every war and is on his way back to The Middle East I know if he does not come home he died loving his country and truly wore the uniform with the upmost respect and honor. I will be comforted that you will be there to greet him should he give the ultimate,his life. I know this to be true soldier as we all have each others 6s


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